Conflicts on Bay Trail in Richmond prompt city to install ‘Share the Path’ signs


The Richmond Public Works department has installed 10 new “Share the Path” signs along the city’s portion of the San Francisco Bay Trail in response to complaints about conflicts between cyclists, pedestrians and other pathway users.

The Richmond Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (RBPAC) reported about the new signs on the group’s Facebook page Monday.

Yader Bermudez, director of the city’s Public Works department, confirmed the city installed new signs about three weeks ago after receiving reports from pedestrian and cycling advocacy groups about the pathway conflicts. The signs aim to prevent conflicts from arising by reminding folks to be aware of their surroundings and mindful of others.

“Be safe, be courteous, and enjoy our beautiful Bay Trail!” RBPAC stated on its Facebook page.

Here’s the latest map of Richmond’s ever-expanding portion of the Bay Trail. The map is courtesy of the Trails for Richmond Action Committee website.



  1. I frequently use the Bay Trail between the Craneway and Costco to bike. All too often I see cyclists who think this is an Olympic velodrome and race by pedestrians and other bikers without showing the basic respect that others deserve.

    On the other hand, I often see pedestrians who have both ears plugged with their earbuds and they’re walking without any concern for the dangers that may be approaching–from either direction.

    And then we have the dog walkers who don’t seem to worry when their leashed down runs to the other side of the Trail–thus creating a barrier for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Pedestrians can easily move but cyclists may not have the time to swerve out of the way of the dogs or their tethers. While many people love their dogs, that love is not universally shared.

    I went through three bells on my bike until I found one that could wake the dead as I approach other people. I use it just to let them know that a cyclist is approaching.

    These trails are great for everyone but everyone needs to appreciate that there are multiple users and they all deserve the simple respect and courtesy that each of us hopes to be shown.