Richmond native Jahvid Best even faster post-NFL


Jahvid Best, a Salesian alum whose promising NFL career was cut short by a series of concussions, is an even faster human being now that he’s transitioned to track.

FloTrack, a publication that covers track and field, profiled Best in an article published Thursday. We encourage our readers to check out the profile, but one line in it particularly caught our attention. While this is may be old news, it is news to us:

“Eight years after racing in the California State Meet [in high school], Best toed the line four times in 2015, which included a new personal best of 10.33 in May [in the 100m].”

So in short, after being forced out of the NFL in a both literally and figuratively crushing manner, the 27-year-old former running back is not only back on his feet competing in an equally challenging sport, he’s running even faster. His personal best in the 100m wasn’t recorded back in high school, college or as a Detroit Lion. It happened only months ago.

“Football ended but I can’t just sit here and mope about it because that’s not going to do anything, I just found something else to do and track was the thing,” Best told FloTrack in an interview.

Best also offered good advice on how to tackle lofty goals.

“Using what football actually taught me, which is we’ve always had a one play at a time-type mentality….I kind of adopted that mentality to my life,” Best said.

Best is currently training at the elite Altis center in Phoenix, with his eyes set on running the 100m in the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Lions