Jan 29, 2016

Richmond police are searching for a driver who fled on foot after causing a fatal collision at the intersection of Solano Avenue and Ventura Street early Friday.

Richmond police and fire crews responded to the crash scene at Solano Avenue and Ventura Street at 12:10 a.m. and found three vehicles involved.

In one of the vehicles, a 2011 Ford Fusion, first responders found Anthony Tonti, 77, of Walnut Creek, unresponsive in the driver’s seat, Richmond police Lt. Andre Hill said. Tonti died from his injuries a short time later.

The other vehicle involved, a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck, was unoccupied, and it is believed the driver fled the scene.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that the Ford Ranger failed to stop for the posted southbound stop sign on Ventura St. at high rate of speed,” Hill said.  “This violation caused the driver of the Ford Ranger to collide with the Ford Fusion.  The unknown Hispanic male driver of the Ford Ranger fled the scene on foot westbound Solano Ave. towards San Pablo Ave.”

Richmond police searched the area for the suspect but were unsuccessful, Hill said.

He is described as a bald Hispanic man, 5-foot-3, in his 30s wearing a black jacket.

Anyone with any further information about this incident or suspect, please contact Traffic Officer J. Platzner at 510-621-1587.


  1. Well I called 911 three times first one 12:05 and the first response was police at 12:22 then the fire dept that’s only a few blocks away
    First call went through and I let them know what happened then I saw no response called back and the call was declined then a third one when I said something like you better send an ably lance and more than just the police. I have more to say about it but I’m hoping this dosnt post

    Jacques Duskin | Feb 3rd, 2016
  2. How many more U.S. citizens have to be killed, murdered, raped, car-jacked, home invaded by illegals (from description given and running away) before we DEMAND our so-called leaders to STOP the invasion allowed by the very people who are supposed to protect U.S. citizens from our enemies within and without? (It is ironic that a first generation person of parents who waited 10 years to enter U.S. LEGALLY on quota, quarantined, etc., assimilated, learned English, became good citizens would be killed by an illegal!!)

    M. Walker | Feb 3rd, 2016
  3. To M. Walker,

    I want to ask you to apologize to the hispanic community, given that not all hispanics are illegal. Just because he ran away and because police says he is hispanic, it does not mean that he is illegal. Please gather your facts straight before you go out on public talking about the undocumented community. There are thousands of hard working undocumented people in this country. People who would give everything they have for the well being of others here. All around the country we see “citizens” carrying out shottings in schools, taking advantage of there citizenship! Tell me why it is that you don’t go out and talk about those people, Is it just because they are white? What makes them better than a hispanic? You probably are talking just because you don’t have anything better to do. Please do your research and you will find out that the vast majority of undocumented people in this country are hard working people, just like everyone else.
    But after all just know that what he did is wrong. But that does not represent the entire hispanic/latino community.

    Be well, M. Walker. And please get schooled before you talk about a community as a whole.

    Dennis P | Feb 3rd, 2016
  4. To M. Walker : Just because he is hispanic does not necessarily mean he is illegal. It could of been any other race white , african american , asian etc. But just because he was hispanic/latino does not mean you should automatically assume he is illegal. Alot of us have paid thousands of dollars to be legalized here in america . But just because he’s hispanic you shouldnt automatically asume he is an illegal. What he did was wrong and i agree with that. But he does not represent the latino community. Im sure you wouldnt like it if i saw you were white and automatically assumed you were a mass shooter , crack head , meth addict or coke addict that asks for money beside the freeway instead of working for it.

    J.V | Feb 3rd, 2016
  5. And by the way , correction, it was three vechiles involved because the Ford Fusion got slammed into a Toyota that was parked on the street !

    J.V | Feb 3rd, 2016

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