Jan 7, 2016
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A Richmond rapper was featured in SF Weekly this week after dropping his debut album, Blame The Funk: The Final Draft, and admitting he donates to Wikipedia.

The artist, Wantmore N8, who grew up on Richmond’s southside, was characterized in the article as an intelligent and unique MC who doesn’t smoke week, have tattoos or wear large, sagging pants or run with a gang. However, he does carry a gun and his album effectively “tackles the perils of urban life,” the article notes.

“N8 readily admits that he’s a man of contradictions,” the author writes. “Though he carries a gun, he also owns two crystals (a rose quartz and an amethyst) and says things like, ‘Everybody knows that the sun sign affects your personality’ and ‘You’ve got to open your third eye and make sure your pineal glands aren’t clouded and your chakras aren’t closed, per se.'”

The SF Weekly article was also impressed that N8 donates to Wikipedia, shops at Trader Joe’s and enjoys VICE News documentaries.

“I’m always Googling stuff and I’m always on Wikipedia, so when they ask me for a few dollars to keep the site going, for me to just keep x-ing it out and acting like I don’t see it, that’s not me being a real nigga,” he told the newspaper.

And N8 explained what it means to be a “real nigga.”

“You don’t got to be a gangster or a thug in order to be a real nigga,” he told SF Weekly. “A real nigga is just somebody that’s going to stand up for what they believe in.”


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