Chevron set to accept applications for Operator Trainee jobs at Richmond Refinery


Starting Feb. 1, Chevron will begin accepting applications for Operator Trainee positions at the Richmond Refinery, the company announced today.

Interested applicants should click here starting on Feb. 1 to create a profile and apply. Applications can be submitted through Sunday, Feb. 7 (no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time/ 8:59pm Pacific Standard Time).

To locate the Operator Trainee positions, select “Find a Job,” click on “United States” then “View & Apply to Job” and search by requisition number 006142800.

Those without Internet access at home can use community resources, including the Richmond Public Library, to apply.

Chevron Richmond said “it is our goal to provide employment opportunities to qualified Richmond residents.” The company is working with local unions and funding training initiatives so residents can become job ready.

Applicants for the Operator Trainee position must have a high school diploma or equivalent, be at least 18 years old, and have a valid driver’s license. Applicants must also have their Regional Occupational Program (ROP Process Plant Operator (PPO) certificate or at least two years of relevant work experience (military service included) or an associate’s or technical degree to possibly be selected to participate in the pre-employment test.

The position includes operating process units using a wide range of control systems and equipment such as tanks, mixers, heat exchangers, pumps, furnaces and vacuum systems, as well as operating manual and automatic valves, meters, pumps, and transfer systems that move product between tanks and process units.


  1. Would like to get more information. Also I was thinking about getting my Class A license. Would make me a driver for Chevron?

  2. Please let me know if I qualify I am a class b CDL license holder but no experience in operators but I have worked in different jobs in the industries laborer Sandblaster etc.

  3. The job is for operator trainee but they will turn you down if you have no experience. I thought trainee meant they will train you on the job.

  4. It appears to me the best way to get a job is to actually apply. Take no advice from persons whom, 1) have not completed the application process, 2) Do not currently work at the described position. In addition, it is my understanding that enrolling in the Regional Occupational Program or ROP is the first step to obtaining one of these high valued positions. The word “Trainee” does mean you will be trained on the job. As with any job, you must be qualified and capable of the work.