Rain got you down? Richmond native James Langford returns with timely motivational video

Rain got you down? Richmond's James Langford returns with timely motivational video

Just in time for the rainy weather, Richmond native James Langford III has come out with another motivational football recruiting video.

As we reported last year, the Richmond native uses recruiting videos aimed at NFL scouts for the dual purpose of motivating others. In his latest video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, Langford straps on his football gear and heads out into the rain to practice. His message: Don’t ever stop working toward your goals, no matter what.

“I’m out here in the rain. It’s cold. I could be doing anything else. But I’m grinding, you know,” he said. “That’s all this is about: Keeping the faith. It’s a lot of days I feel like, ‘What am I doing?’ There’s other days I wake up and be like, ‘Keep going. You gotta keep going.'”

While Langford has yet to realize his NFL dreams, his journey toward that goal has resulted in two college degrees and the opportunity to play around the nation and professionally in Serbia. Read more about his inspiring story here.