San Pablo dentist encourages patients to get second opinion on expensive procedures


A San Pablo dentist served as a a patient’s advocate in a article early this month.

Dr. William van Dyk was quoted in the national news publication as saying dental patients “shouldn’t be afraid of getting second opinions” when it comes to expensive procedures, many of which are only half covered by insurance.

Van Dyk, whose family practice is located at 2089 Vale Rd., was one of several dentists who provided the publication with patient tips on whether to move forward with certain dental work. The dentists sounded an alarm, for example, on recommendations to replace silver amalgam fillings because they hold mercury, saying multiple studies show the mercury doesn’t leach out of the metal.

Also, not all cavities need fillings.

“‘It’s now apparent that you can reverse early dental disease’ by rebuilding the enamel with prescription-strength toothpaste or a gel supplement,” says University of North Carolina dentistry professor James Bader, according to the article.

The dentists also offered guidance regarding recommendations of mouth guards and sealants.

We encourage you to read the full article, as it may just help save you a few hundred bucks.

The above photo was originally posted on Dr. William van Dyk’s website.