Marina Bay businesses and residents rave about new Officer Moody Memorial Underpass

Marina Bay businesses report improved sales after opening of Officer Bradley Moody Memorial Underpass

Marina Bay business owners are reporting improved sales, and the area’s residents have been equally happy, ever since the attractive new Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass opened to traffic this past summer.

Marina Bay Parkway between Meeker Avenue and Regatta Boulevard had been closed off for more than 22 months for construction of the underpass, which allows traffic to flow under existing railroad tracks. After the underpass was reopened to vehicles in July, businesses have seen significant improvement in sales.

A co-owner of Cafe Pascal at 2181 Meeker Ave. said the roadway’s closure caused his business to drop by 20-percent.  On Tuesday, he told us the roadway’s reopening has led to a significant increase in foot traffic, to the point where the business can now pay its bills. The roadway provides his business a crucial link to Marina Bay residences.

Similarly, the folks at Salute E Vita Ristorante tell us there’s been a “noticeable” uptick in customers since the underpass has reopened.

A representatives of The Shores residential community also heralded the underpass as changing the neighborhood for the better.

“The railroad underpass just opened all four lanes yesterday, after having just one lane in each direction,” Ashley Camps of The Shores said in a statement. “The underpass has been critical for all of the Marina Bay community and really helped our sales at The Shores, which has been almost 30 sales per month.”

Construction crews have spent the past few months putting finishing touches on the underpass. A special ceremony to celebrate the completion of the underpass is set for Thursday at 11 a.m., according to the Office of the Mayor.

“The underpass, a project of the Successor Agency to the Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency, was built with $2 million of redevelopment funds, which leveraged $37 million in additional State transportation grants, Contra Costa County transportation sales tax, developer fees and railroad contributions,” according to the mayor’s office.

After Thursday’s ribbon cutting ceremony, a procession of patrol vehicles led by the Moody family will drive through the underpass to remember the officer, who was killed in 2008 in a patrol car crash while responding to a call. In May, Moody’s wife and children visited the site in order to imprint their hands in the sidewalk, project officials said.