El Cerrito: Police release surveillance video capturing argument before shootout

El Cerrito police releases video of argument that preceded shootout between vehicles

The El Cerrito Police Department has released surveillance video that captures an argument between the passengers of two vehicles before a shootout occurred near the intersection of San Pablo and Tehama avenues on Saturday, Dec. 5.

The argument starts at about the 1:49 mark in the video.

Investigators hope the footage will lead to the identification of the suspects involved in the shootout, which left behind about a dozen bullet casings on the busy roadway at about 4:15 p.m. No victims have come forward since the incident. No buildings or other vehicles were struck by the gunfire, police said.

As you can see from the surveillance footage from a nearby business, the involved vehicles were traveling southbound on San Pablo near Tehama. After an argument between occupants of both vehicles, the vehicles drove off. Moments later, loud gunfire can be heard.

The vehicles immediately fled the scene and were not found in a subsequent police search. Witnesses described the suspect vehicles as a silver sedan and white sedan, both apparently American made, police said.

The El Cerrito Police Department is requesting anyone with information about the shooting to call 510-215-4400.