Rain prompts Richmond city officials to remind residents about free sandbags

EBMUD provides update on water storage for the East Bay following rains

With rain in the forecast, residents in Richmond are being reminded that they have access to free sand bags.

An official with the National Weather Service told us Wednesday the Bay Area will be hit with moderate rain on Thursday, likely between a half-inch and an inch. The region will get a break until Sunday, when about the same amount of rain will return, he said.

The offices of the Mayor and Public Works Department say residents can visit two city facilities to fetch free sandbags: Richmond Fire Station No. 64 at Carlson Boulevard and Bay View Avenue, and City Corporation Yard at Harbour Way and Ohio Avenue.

Residents are expected to fill sandbags on their own with the sand and shovel provided at the city facilities.

For residents with disabilities, delivery service is available by calling (510) 231-3011.


  1. I called the number to see if someone could deliver a sand bag to me bc I recently had spine surgery and the women on the phone told me that they only deliver to seniors and people with disabilities .. So spine surgery doesn’t count? I can’t lift them by myself???