Iamsu! discusses South Richmond slang

Pinole Valley High called 'Hitsville High' for producing notable musicians

One of Richmond’s most famous hip hop artists, Iamsu!, was recently featured in a Fader music magazine segment called “The Slang Show,” where he was asked to talk about a California-born slang word.

As shown in the above video, he presented the term “Yee,” which he says was coined by people living at Kennedy Manor in South Richmond, a housing complex that has since been renamed as Monterey Pines Apartments.

“How I use it is when I get somebody’s attention across the street, you would yell, “Yee!” Iamsu says.

The video was produced earlier this year but has recently been spreading on social media.

Iamsu!, member of the local group the Heartbreak Kids, has been busy touring the world as his fans anticipate the release of his next album KILT 3. His tour has returned to the states. He played last night in Fresno and his next show is Dec. 18 in Santa Cruz. See his website for more information.

The above photo was published on Iamsu!’s Facebook account.