Armed man arrested after 45-minute phone negotiation in Richmond’s May Valley neighborhood

Armed man arrested after 45-minute negotiation in Richmond's May Valley neighborhood

An investigation stemming from recent gun violence in Richmond led to the arrest Tuesday of an armed man in a May Valley home where a young child resides, police said.

After investigating the suspect’s connection to guns and drugs for two weeks, Richmond police officers descended into the quiet neighborhood in the area of Valley View Road and Tierra Drive about 6 a.m. Tuesday to serve a search warrant, Lt. Felix Tan said.

Knowing a young child was inside the home, officers negotiated with the suspect by phone. He surrendered peacefully 45 minutes later, at about 11:30 a.m.

“The young child was found unharmed,” Tan said.


At the home, police found a stolen AR-15 assault rifle (pictured), a stolen .40 caliber Glock, ammunition, drugs, extended magazines and a loaded 100 round drum for the assault rifle, Tan added.

Police also found a “brass catcher” with the AR-15, which essentially is a small bag that attaches to the frame where the spent casings spit out. The manufacturer designed it to catch casings so you don’t have to pick them up at a range, but criminals use them so that police can’t find the casings at crime scenes.

The suspect, whose identity is not yet being released, was on probation and considered to be dangerous, Tan added.

“The department is proud of the detective’s tenacity and focus,” he said, adding, “We are also proud of our CNT officers’ patience and communication skills to negotiate a peaceful conclusion.”

The photo above of police serving the search warrant in May Valley was provided by reader Melissa Heijmans.