Fundraiser for Bay Area Rescue Mission aims to sell 300 Eduardo elephants


A Richmond resident is holding a fundraiser to benefit the Bay Area Rescue Mission, the Macdonald Avenue nonprofit providing a wide range of services for the homeless and hungry.

Veronica Medrano says she’s selling a stuffed elephant called Eduardo, which costs $20. Forty-percent of proceeds will be donated to the Bay Area Rescue Mission, Medrano said.

“Our goal is to sell 300 elephants, as there are 300 beds at the mission,” Medrano said. “They would like to make sure everyone gets one and possibly have some left over for kids in the neighborhood. I am doing this on my own so any help getting the word out would be great.”

Medrano is asking local businesses to erect a flyer in their window to help promote the fundraiser.

To place an order for Eduardo the Elephant, or to request a flyer to display at your business, contact Medrano at (510) 221-1672.