Richmond council votes to renew City Manager Bill Lindsay’s contract

City manager defends Richmond's financial position

Concerns about the city’s finances did not convince Richmond City Council that a new city manager is needed.

By a 5-2 vote Tuesday night, Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay’s (pictured on left) contract was renewed for four years, according to the Contra Costa Times.

Lindsay is one of the East Bay’s highest paid employees at $270,000 per year, the Times reported.

The city manager has faced criticism since the city’s recent credit downgrades by Moody’s and was accused of not being transparent about the city’s financial struggles. But he’s also been called a capable and dedicated leader who has had a significantly positive impact in the city, and is credited with rescuing the city from a financial abyss after his hiring in 2005. He has been fiercely supported by Mayor Tom Butt.

Butt along with Councilmembers Gayle McLaughlin, Jovanka Beckles, Jael Myrick and Eduardo Martinez voted in favor of renewing Lindsay’s contract. Councilmembers Nat Bates and Vinay Pimplé voted against.

Read the Times’ piece for more information.


  1. Huge mistake for Richmond, but the City Manager was behind these politician’s (re)elections so they were paying him back for their positions. He is the spider behind the decisions and you can bet that he was listening in on all of the proceedings when out of the chamber. You can also bet that he was sending texts to McLaughlin, Beckles and Myrick instructing them on what to say on his behalf, which as apparent by how often they were looking down while speaking.

    This will continue the pattern of hiring abusive managers, supporting the retaliation against workers who complain about poor management and abuse and covering up the abuses. This City Manager is a sociopath, don’t get fooled by the frosted hair and glasses, and he hire sociopaths in all of the management positions.