El Cerrito robbery suspect’s selfies end up in victim’s cloud storage

Selfie suspect turns self in

The woman pictured is wanted by police in connection with the violent robbery of an El Cerrito High student on Nov. 5. After the robbery, she apparently took several self portraits on the victim’s phone, which automatically uploaded to the victim’s cloud storage, police said.

Police are now asking for the public’s help in identifying and locating the woman in the photo.

The incident unfolded about 12:40 p.m. on Nov. 5, when an El Cerrito High student was talking on her cellphone while walking eastbound on Central Avenue near Clayton Street, police said.

A vehicle, possibly a Honda or Toyota containing four males and one female, pulled up alongside the student. The female suspect exited the car and demanded the victim’s phone and backpack, police said. After the victim refused, the suspect punched her in the head, causing her to fall to the ground and lose consciousness.

The suspect then snatched the victim’s phone and “dragged the victim a short distance by her backpack,” police said. The suspect then fled in the vehicle with the backpack and phone. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Several days after the incident, the student noticed the photo uploads in her online cloud storage.

“The student was able to capture the images, and recognized the same person who attacked her,” police said. “She notified the ECPD and provided the photograph.”

The El Cerrito Police Department is asking anyone with information about the robbery or the suspect to call the ECPD business office at (510) 215-4400.


  1. I went down thrsame way in 2007 for the same crim. She’ll on the run for about 2years & then they’ll get her. She did stupid once she’ll do it again.

  2. It’s always the black criminals who do something stupid like this. I guess that’s a good thing though since it makes more likely that they will get caught.

  3. Failed parenting? Thats a cut & dry response. Could be a lot of factors. The environment around her, trauma, boredom, rough crowd, thrills, etc. Whatever it is, too bad stealing technology didn’t give her an insight in using it. Tsk. Tsk.

  4. Ironically speaking, my son was distraught over his daughters mother, CHP initiated a routine stop for speeding 5 miles over the speed limit. Long sad story short is he led them on an hour chase and after the tack strip being thrown out he pulled over and proceeded to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head with a 9 mm. My point is the story was published in the local paper and for the first time I realized the ignorance and lack of compassion some of those in our society truly have as a moral standard. I think a lot of the people speaking comment without thinking about what they are actually saying nor taking into consideration who the comment will effect and how. I cant help but feel there are those who want to merely antagonize anyone who will bite and then see if they can create a moral corium to win the newly created competition or battle. Why does race always have to be an issue and if so why is always black and white or white and black folks against eachother? I mean come on we are America. If you need to go the racist route or are the type of person who has to place blame or if you feel psychic enough to describe the position of the peoples involved feelings and emotions then think about the innocent parties attached or closely involved, maybe the mother, sister or child, their sister just made a big mistake, for whatever reason. That mistake affects the whole family and when you make it a racist thing it affect the community and causes division. STOP IT!! This is a BAD time to be so immature and petty. If you want to be racist be racist against the crime, be racist against these ISIS members and hate on them but we need to be strong together as one force against the real crap and stay in control of the few rights we still have, we should be looking out for each other regardless of color because when the chips are down, from my experience regardless your gonna find that it us and them sometimes the us is Mothers, Prisoners, Police Officers ect. , and there isn’t always time to separate our selves because of color. I mean for real, it is what it is but think about it in a realistic way, you see a three year old approaching a busy street know this child is going to be slaughtered……are you going to stand by and watch this happen because this child isn’t your color? I highly doubt it. If so then keep your issues to yourself and don’t contaminated the rest. Regarding the story my comment is merely to express my condolence to the victim and point out her bravery. She was blessed with enough intelligence to save the discovered info and act on. For the perpetrator my heart goes out to because usually in my opinion she is starving for acceptance and attention. Underneath the tough ass act is a little girl who needs something. So maybe if we got to here the sobs and see the tears of remorse and know that she is scared of the well earned consequences and has the healthy space to do so with the contamination of racism. Good kids make mistakes too………. sometimes ones that ruin or take there life. Remember that the comments made usually hurt an innocent person who cares a person like a surviving parent who want to desperately defend her now dead son. No drugs or alcohol Pharmacist good Dad, just a hate lying girlfriend who made a false allegations in a police report that would send my son to prison and now he is dead and she went to prison for falsifying a police report and perjury. My grand daughter made to stay with mothers Aunt and now 10 years old is being told that her Dad ran out on them. No he is dead. God Bless the parties involved, I am glad everyone is okay.

  5. ghetto is as ghetto does. how is that comment even remotely racist? is it that you think only black people are in ghettos? ’cause if that’s the case, you could’nt be more wrong. don’t be so quick to call racist, loser.

  6. Some of you people are idiots! Take a look at America’s dumbest criminals, it’s full of ignored crooks. And who tops the list, Uh yes, WHITE PEOPLE. She wouldn’t even make the cut!

  7. Some of you people are idiots! Take a look at America’s dumbest criminals, it’s full of ignored crooks. And who tops the list, Uh yes, WHITE PEOPLE. She wouldn’t even make the cut!!!

  8. Some of you people are idiots! Take a look at America’s dumbest criminals, it’s full of ignorant crooks. And who tops she list, Uh yes, WHITE PEOPLE. She wouldn’t even make the cut!!!

  9. To rebel: and the rest of whoever, truth be told racism is here and have always been here, stop being so blind to what “They” the federal government wants you to see and believe, people wake up! It’s all a smoke screen, pay better attention to what’s really going on, here think #1 Marcus Garvey, #2Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #3 Malcolm X #4 Fred Hampton #5 John F. Kennedy #6 Tupac Shakur and many more who murder them? And please don’t give me the fall guy that They”the federal government” gave us “They”killed them all and now we’re they toys to this bull crap in “Mexico” american look at all the names San Francisco, San Diego, San Rafael Los Angeles, San Mateo, ect look at all the name’s and that’s on a really really really small scale, wake up and pay better attention in Jesus name Amen…

  10. I don’t know what Judy’s trying to say but corium is the molten lava like substance that’s produced when a nuclear reactor core melts down. As far as the robbery goes, crime is an equal opportunity employer on both sides of the fence…

  11. Corium is also called FCM (Fuel Containing Material) or LFCM (Lava Like Fuel Containing Material) and is the molten, lava like mixture of portions of the reactor core, substance produced during a nuclear reactor core meltdown and has nothing to do with crime. Just saying…

  12. The suggestion is while your criticizing and slandering other’s thinking that because its not you that some how that makes it acceptable to engage in that type of behaviour. What happen is bad enough. However,its not about race. There are more crimes committed against humanity by white people than any other populations of people. Stop trying to compare yourselves with other’s. You cannot think your way into a life of luxury. No one truly knows the reason this happened,the media has a tendency to mislead the report to favor political agendas. However,we should not find ourselves entertained with the tragedy and crimes that occur simply because its media. Take the planks out of your own eyes first before you speak about what you see as wrong in another. You become apart of the human race once you have experienced the loss of someone you loved a family member a close friend. If you have not experienced these emotions than your not yet apart of the human race. Anyone find the murder lynching burning of human beings as entertainment has a lot of homework to do. So lets be mindful of our history everyone has not walked or followed the same paths. So don’t get your story twisted by exploiting those who have been harmed by others. Especially when American citizens are being shot dead on the streets because police officers are afraid for their own life’s. What this is saying is that with all of the billions of dollars being drained from from our domestic budgets,the raping and pillaging of neighborhoods and communities by asset forfeiture. The violation of civil rights millions of dollars on new electronic technologies surveillance has done Absolutely nothing to prevent assaults attacks shooting killings. Yet they will still focus on the color of one skin. It was assumed that the strategy of racism discrimination segregation would leave lasting effefts upon those who are targeted for this abuse. Its shamful disgraceful and disgusting. Yet millions will give their votes away just to spite those that can make progess and positive changes in their life’s and the life of others. Those who have contributed to the better quality of life for America. Have been robbed of their chance opportunity to see their dreams come true. Yet we have all benefited from their efforts.

  13. That was a Racist Statement you made. I happened to see a Homeless women today and asked what happened to her Eye? She stated that two White men tried to Rob her as she slept under the Freeway in El Cerrito. They beat her to the point where they put her Eye out. So What about Caucasian White Criminals? A criminal is a criminal and they come in all ethnic racial backgrounds and are all age groups sizes and shapes. Don’t ever state anything about ” Black Criminals” until you do your homework.

  14. They should just let her keep the phone. Look at her, she looks happy with it. I bet the girl who used to have it didn’t even have Find My Phone enabled. She didn’t even want it found!

  15. When do being ghetto has to do with a lack of parenting, when did being black, white, pink, purple,yellow or brown makes U a criminal? Some of the worlds worst criminals are RICH,WEALTHY,WHITE COLLAR,THIEVES. Are they consider as being GHETTO TOO. A LOT of these kids that commit these crimes come from good homes has the right up bringing but CHOOSES to go down the wrong road because they want to fit in. Until you know for a fact about someones up bringing don’t be so QUICK TO CRITICIZE

  16. All i can say is, i can’t believe some of the comments on this page. Especially the one about “only black people do stupid ish” that is just ignorant. Wonder why we still struggling with racism!

  17. Crime is crime no Matter what race you are.The young lady made a mistake hopefully she can learn from her mistake and do better.Pray for her if you believe in god you know he can change all things.

  18. Stupid ads ugly bitch posted that selfie. Haha stupid broke bitch stealing a phone you can’t resell because they lock it. Her worthless parents should be jailed and castrated since they can’t even control their ugly daughter. Stupid people all ways have kids first. The dumb bitch will probably be pregnant soon by one or all of those 4 guys she was with