El Cerrito: Burglar arrested after leaving Safeway receipt at crime scene

Burglar arrested after leaving Safeway receipt at El Cerrito crime scene

An El Cerrito police officer swiftly solved a home burglary case last week after finding a Safeway receipt at the scene of the crime, police said.

Jewelry, cash and electronics were stolen during the burglary in the 5300 block of Cypress Ave., which occurred sometime during the day on Nov. 2, police said. The suspect entered by kicking in the front door of a residence. The burglar not only left a print on the door with his shoe, he also left his bicycle behind in the back yard. The bike contained the Cheetos bag, orange soda and the receipt.

A day after the crime, the investigating officer visited the Safeway store, where he watched video surveillance of the transaction connected to the receipt, police said.

The cop didn’t have to look far to find the suspect, who was described as a 27-year-old parolee from Richmond. As the officer left the Safeway, he spotted the suspect wearing “the same distinct clothing” and placed him under arrest.  The suspect’s shoes also matched the print from the door of the burglarized home, police said.

The suspect’s identity was not immediately available. He was booked on charges of burglary and a parole violation into Martinez Detention Facility.