Salesian hosts enlightening celebration of Native American heritage

Salesian hosts enlightening celebration of Native American heritage

Story, photos and video by community advocate Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney,

Salesian Preparatory College celebrated Native Heritage Month on Friday with a celebration attended by 500 students and organized by student Ellissa Thompson, an enrolled member in the Chickasaw Nation.

Representatives from a number of tribes participated, sharing their culture through song, dance and storytelling.

“It’s important that we keep the Native American spirit alive and thriving,” Thompson said prior to the event in a school statement.

The event was a success and we’ve got some photos and a video to prove it. In the video below, Lakota Holder (Navajo/Lakota/T’linglit) performed different styles of Shawl dancing, while Mike Ballinger (Sac/Fox/Kickappo) sang and played drums.

Pictured in the photo below is Thompson (top-left). On the top-right is Jessie Riddle (Pit River/Apache), who shared important stories of her family and the Pit River in Northeast California. Students were held spellbound by the information she shared.

Pictured on the bottom-left is Tim Chandler, Salesian’s principal. KK Kinney (Chircahua Apache) is pictured on the bottom-right.