Oct 13, 2015
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by Mayor Tom Butt

One of the top priorities I had coming in to office this year was to conduct a full scale branding and marketing. The study is underway and we are at a critical stage of the research. The goal of this study is to make sure that the way we represent ourselves as a city is reflective of our community and that we establish an image and improved reputation with our residents, neighbors, businesses and visitors.

Please take a brief moment to fill out this resident survey and help inform our research: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SVBMMJ2

Your response will remain confidential and will be gathered directly by our consultants at  North Star Destination Strategies.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact my Chief of Staff at terrance_cheung@ci.richmond.ca.us or 510-620-6503.

This post originally appeared in the mayor’s E-forum newsletter. For more information about the mayor’s branding and marketing plan, visit here.


  1. Based on the Moody’s downgrades to Junk Bond statues Is this mismanagement of the city during this financial crisis to be spending staff time on this ? If someone has time to spend on this what does that tell us ? I understand the city will have to cut staff based on the downgrades , I wonder if this person will even be there to complete there work on rebranding .

    Richard Poe | Oct 17th, 2015