Boxing fans getting ready for fight night at Richmond Memorial Auditorium on Nov. 7

Boxing fans getting ready for fight night at Richmond Memorial Auditorium on Nov. 7

Boxing fans are getting ready for a major fight night at Richmond Memorial Auditorium on Nov. 7.

As we reported last month, professional boxing promoter Mike Bazan of SquareVision Entertainment is holding The Battle for Golden State, “The Fight for Peace,” at the auditorium at 403 Civic Center Plaza. The fight features some of the Bay Area’s best, Bazan says.

Before holding a successful boxing event at the venue in April, Bazan called Richmond Memorial Auditorium a “classic masterpiece” and a “spectator’s dream as elevated, 360-degree seating guarantees a great view of the action.”

On Thursday, he sent us a flyer (see below) showing the boxers scheduled to fight on Nov. 7, including Oakland’s Bilal ‘Rebellious’ Mahasin, who was recently crowned GBO Jr. Welterweight Champion.

Up-and-comer Luis Garcia of Richmond, who debuted his professional career at the April event with a first-round knockout, will search for his third consecutive victory at the event. Another Richmond boxer, Ramon Garcia, plans to make his professional debut.

The Nov. 7 matches will be fought for the purpose of promoting peace, and a dollar from every ticket sold will go to multiple sclerosis research, Bazan said. Tickets start at $40 can be purchased online




  1. Boxing is a brutal sport that overwhelmingly involves poor working class young people. I find it interesting that many people are concerned about rate of concussions amongst football players but not a word about boxing. Even the “Greatest” Muhammad Ali is a non-functioning man as a result of beatings he endured in the ring and he is one of many.

  2. I’m with Charles. Why anyone today would support an activity whose goal is to injure the opponent is beyond me. A sick society, for sure.

  3. Wow, like the regular violence in our society in acceptable, how much suffering goes to get you your daily latte , to the works in boliva picking it till the mexicans in texas unpacking it, and your mad at a couple of guys punching each other for fun? Come help a homeless dude before you start bashing what other peopl are into.