Future BART cars to have ‘microplug’ doors that will ‘significantly reduce noise’

Future BART cars to have 'microplug' doors that will 'significantly reduce noise'

BART has published a piece promising significantly quieter rides in the near future, when the transit agency’s so-called Fleet of the Future launches.

The brand new BART cars are scheduled to begin arriving for testing later this year, the transit agency’s senior web producer Melissa Jordan reported. The photo above, provided by BART, is of the body of the one of the new cars currently under construction.

Current train cars have two “pocket-style” doors that slide in and out, but the “closing seal is not totally snug, so noise is increased,” Jordan said, citing an interview with Henry Kolesar, group manager for vehicle maintenance engineering.

The Fleet of the Future boasts trains with three “microplug” doors that open and close similar to the doors of a minivan, and they “significantly reduce noise,” Kolesar told Jordan.

“They open on the outside of the train in a tiny space, less than an inch outward, and slide open. When they slide back closed again, the seal is tight,” Jordan added.

And of course the other benefit of having three doors: It will presumably allow riders to more swiftly exit and board crowded trains.