About three weeks of paving work begins Wednesday on Hilltop Drive

Hilltop District Homeowners & Stakeholders Association

Drivers should brace for about three weeks of paving operations on Hilltop Drive starting Wednesday, said Cesar Zepeda, president of the Hilltop District Homeowners & Stakeholders Association.

To minimize traffic disruption, only one lane in each direction will be closed at any given time, and all lanes will be open overnight, Zepeda said.

Zepeda said his association expects complaints during construction and thanks neighbors in advance for understanding.

“Please feel free to forward any inquiries about the Hilltop Drive paving operations to us via our website, www.hdhsa.com, under the ‘report a problem,'” he said.


  1. As a former construction worker I would like to see more work being done and less of the workers standing around with tools in their hands while carrying on conversation about who knows what while acting like they are working this is something I’ve witnessed on several occasions since work has started on Hilltop Drive I know what it means to milk the clock and would like to see more being done to get the job done not sitting around to get that heavily milked check. Thanks and I hope to see a change in the workers ability to get their job done not make an easy dollar on a city that can’t afford to pay for mediocre work.