Police patrols to increase on pathways serving Richmond and El Cerrito BART stations

Police patrols to increase on pathways near Richmond and El Cerrito BART stations

Commuters can expect to see an increased police presence on public pathways around the Richmond and El Cerrito del Norte BART stations, and staffed information booths at each station will help guide and watch over them, as part of an ongoing crackdown on criminal activity, authorities said in a statement Thursday.

The El Cerrito, Richmond and BART police departments are partnering to prevent and reduce robberies and other crimes along the public pathways near train stations, particularly with daylight savings on Nov. 1 leading to darker commutes.

On Thursday, community members can expect to see increased patrols along the paths in the first of several joint operations aimed at increasing safety and educating the public, according to a statement prepared by Lt. Robert De La Campa of the El Cerrito Police Department. Increased patrols will include officers on bicycles and dual sport motorcycles for visibility, he said.

“Both cities have been inspecting the paths for environmental crime prevention factors, such as malfunctioning lights, overgrown shrubbery and other potential hazards,” De La Campa said in the statement.