BART stations graded in recent report

Police patrols to increase on pathways near Richmond and El Cerrito BART stations

A recent report that grades rail transit systems in California also includes grading every BART station.

The analysis, by Next 10, offers high grades to stations that serve as hubs of thriving, walkable areas that encourage residents to ride the train, and identifies other station areas in need of improvement.  The report divided rail transit station areas into three types: residential, employment, and mixed. It then calculated grades based on 11 key indicators such as walkability, ridership levels, existing land-use and permitting policies, affordability and transit quality. Click to enlarge the report card:

BARTgrades.10-9The Richmond BART Station scored a B-minus. It is unclear whether the report counted the $2.9 million in recent improvements for the station’s pick-up area, aimed at benefiting pedestrians as well as cars and buses. Also unclear is whether the study considered ongoing construction to make the Nevin Avenue connection between BART and Richmond Civic Center more pedestrian and bike-friendly.

The report gave a D-plus to the El Cerrito Del Norte Station. But that score should go up soon, as the station is slated to receive a major modernization starting summer of 2016.

The highest grade statewide went to San Francisco MUNI’s station at Market and Church streets. The lowest possible grade went to San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s Gillespie Field Station, which lacked ridership and access to amenities and services.

Go here for the full report.