Gov. Jerry Brown visits Richmond to sign tough equal pay law


While surrounded by women and girls at Rosie the Riveter-WWII Home Front National Historical Park, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California Fair Pay Act (Senate Bill 358), said to be one of the nation’s toughest gender equity laws.

The governor joined local and state leaders as well as community members at Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South. The event was open to invited guests and credentialed media only.

Senate Bill 358, by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, aims to close gaps in existing law by ensuring women are paid the same as men for “substantially similar” work rather than “exactly the same” work. The latter statement allowed for “a lot of excuses” by employers, according to the Sacramento Bee, quoting Jackson. When facing lawsuits, employers will have to prove they were paying a male worker more for “legitimate” reasons such as seniority or merit.

Additionally, SB358 prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who disclose their wages, allowing men and women to compare pay without risking lawsuits.

The photo above is courtesy of Rosie the Riveter-WWII Home Front National Historical Park.