Richmond church holds successful block party for Monterey Pines residents, delivers groceries


More than 300 full bags groceries were given to families at a block party last weekend held by Praise Fellowship Bible Church.

The church at 5221 Central Ave. held the event in order to bring love and unity to residents of the complex.

Church members began bagging groceries to donate to the complex’s residents on Friday night, Evangelism Coach Vanessa Calloway said. The following day, they held a block party with fun activities and hand-delivered the groceries to residents.


“At some point during the gathering, we heard of a need at the local senior living facility across from the complex,” Calloway said. “Once the block party was over, we went to the Hacienda complex and passed out additional groceries.”

The grocery bags included a family pack of chicken leg quarters, pasta, pasta sauce, peanut butter, jelly, bread, veggies, chicken broth, a 5-pound bag of sugar, and rice, Calloway said.


This won’t be the church’s last such event. In the near future, Callaway says, the church plans to visit other housing complexes needing some TLC.

“Praise Fellowship Bible Church will continue to show the love of Christ within our community,” she said.