Richmond man’s answer on Family Feud goes viral; Steve Harvey calls it ‘favorite’ of all time

Richmond man's answer on Family Feud goes viral; Steve Harvey calls it 'favorite' of all time

An appearance by a Richmond family on the game show Family Feud on Friday has gone viral after the family’s patriarch delivered what host Steve Harvey called “my favorite answer of all time.”

Kevin Muccular of Richmond, who along with his wife Ryan operate the thriving local business That’s My Dog, provided a rather risqué answer to Harvey’s question, “What’s the last thing you stuck your finger in?”

Muccular thought about it for a moment, looked over at Ryan and then blurted unexpectedly, “My wife, Steve.”

The audience erupted in laughter and disbelief and Harvey looked stunned. At one point a seemingly embarrassed Kevin looked over at this wife and said, “Sorry, baby,” before giving her a hug.

Harvey eventually broke down in laughter and said, “Whooo!” But Kevin would bury himself even deeper. He apparently believed his answer would be revealed on the board as one of the three top responses.

“It’s up there, Steve,” he said.

The implication of that statement was not lost on Harvey.

“You say it’s up there,” Harvey replied. “OK.”

The family received no points for the answer, “My Wife.” The top three responses included “Nose,” “Mouth/Teeth” and “Ear/My Cat’s Ear.”

Harvey said he’s heard a lot of good answers as host of Family Feud.

“That’s my favorite answer of all time,” he said.

The Family Feud segment has since gone viral, attracting more than 11 million views on Facebook as of Wednesday morning.

The Mucculars are now having a good laugh about all the attention the response has received. They’re also pleased that their family business is getting national exposure.

I am so excited I didn’t say anything normal,” Kevin Muccular told us. “11 million views later…love me or hate me they know me!”