Grieving mom seeks Richmond’s help in solving daughter’s murder in Vallejo


A grieving mother is hoping the Richmond community can help solve her daughter’s murder.

A’Tierra Westbrook (pictured above), who was a Kaiser Richmond employee, was gunned down in her car in Vallejo as she was headed to work at about 7 a.m. Aug. 3. Westbrook’s mom, Senika Shields-Levias, is now pleading with the public for help in capturing the killer.

“Richmond and Vallejo have very close ties,” Shields-Levias said. “I’m pleading with Richmond residents to take a stand. It’s never OK to kill anybody but when did it become OK to kill an innocent young woman?”

The Vallejo community has been mourning over the loss of Westbrook, who was killed in front of her home in the 300 block of Benicia Road, according to Shields-Levias and the Vallejo Times Herald.


After she was shot, Westbrook’s white Toyota Camry rolled onto a sidewalk and struck a light pole, the newspaper reported.

The male suspect was described by witnesses as tall, skinny and dressed in a gray-colored, hooded sweatshirt. He was seen entering a blue of silver sedan, the Solano County Sheriff’s Department said.

Shields-Levias is a registered nurse at Kaiser Richmond and Richmond native.

“Right now I am vulnerable, hurt, angry, heartbroken and many other emotions and need the help of the Richmond community,” she said. “If you have any information regarding my daughter’s murder, please call ‪#‎JusticeForAti‬ tip line at 707.655.6513 or email”