BART service changes taking effect Monday aim to address overcrowding

Two arrested after spotted on tracks at Richmond BART station

BART riders should feel relief from overcrowding trains on Monday, when highly anticipated service changes are set to take effect, according to the transit agency.

The enhancements will increase the number of cars in service during rush hour to an all-time record high, the agency said, not to mention bolster service during non-peak hours. For riders on the Richmond lines, that means extended service during weekday nights as well as the lengthening of three-car trains to four during non-commute hours on the Richmond/Fremont line.

See below for the agency’s full list of service adjustments taking effect Monday.

The BART Board of Directors approved the budgeted enhancements in reaction to record ridership. The agency described the measures as creative ways to address overcrowding and delays while its “Fleet of the Future” train cars are phased in over the next few years.


Richmond-Millbrae Line: Richmond-Millbrae service will be extended by one hour on weekday evenings, meaning an extra hour of direct service.  The last train will depart Millbrae for Richmond at 9:01PM and Embarcadero at 9:33PM.

Richmond-Fremont Line: All three car trains will be lengthened to four on the Richmond/Fremont line during all non-commute times- marking the end of the three car train at BART.

Pittsburg/Bay Point Line: All rush hour Pittsburg/Bay Point- San Francisco International Airport (SFO) line trains, which operate end-to-end, will be lengthened to the maximum length of 10 cars. These transbay trains also serve riders transferring from the Richmond Line in Oakland. BART will keep trains long for an additional 15 minutes during weekday mornings on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line to accommodate the increase in riders traveling later in the morning. Additional rush hour trips will be added to the schedule, some will provide for a wider commute widow in the AM and PM.  These trains will be nine cars long.  Riders on this line may already be familiar with the supplemental rush hours trains that are running between Concord and Montgomery or Daly City in the morning and Concord and 24th St. Mission or Daly City in the evening.  Starting Monday, September 14, these supplemental trains will now turn back toward San Francisco at Pleasant Hill (these trains will no longer go past Pleasant Hill to Concord Station).  Turning the trains back sooner allows BART to increase trips during the commute.

Attention Morning Concord Riders

Concord riders in the morning who are used to catching one of the four trains that turned back towards San Francisco at Concord will need to wait five additional minutes for a train.  Trains coming from the end of line remain unchanged.  Check out our online Quick Planner to see arrival times.

Introduction of limited service in reverse commute

To accommodate the higher frequency of trains in the commute direction on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line, the six morning reverse commute trains that originate at Montgomery will be running “limited” service to Pleasant Hill, bypassing Rockridge, Orinda, and Lafayette stations.  These trains will be indicated on the platform signs as “Pleasant Hill/Limited.” Passengers wishing to exit at Rockridge, Orinda, or Lafayette stations travelling in the morning reverse commute direction must pay close attention to platform signs and train announcements when starting their trip to avoid the “limited” service trains.  If riders accidently board a “limited” service train, they can transfer to a regular Pittsburg/Bay Point train at MacArthur, or disembark at Walnut Creek and hop on a train heading back toward San Francisco.

Dublin/Pleasanton Line: All Dublin/Pleasanton-Daly City trains will be lengthened to nine cars during the commute period. BART will keep trains long for an additional 15 minutes on the weekday mornings on the Dublin/Pleasanton-Daly City line to accommodate the increase in riders travelling later in the morning.

Fremont-Daly City Line: We are lengthening two of our most crowded rush hour trains in the morning and evening. BART will keep trains long for an additional 15 minutes on the weekday mornings on the Fremont-Daly City line to accommodate the increase in riders travelling later in the morning.

BART to OAK (Oakland International Airport): The BART to OAK (Oakland International Airport) will now run every six minutes all day until 11pm, when it will then go to every 20 minutes, for improved show-up-and-go service.