Hazmat crew investigates chemicals stored at blighted Ohio Avenue property


A blighted property on Ohio Street in Richmond has posed a real concern, with Fire Department hazmat crews on Thursday investigating the possibility of hazardous chemicals being stored at the commercial site.

Neighbors recently alerted the Richmond Police Department’s code enforcement unit about the unkempt building at 2913 Ohio Ave. The code enforcement unit took photos of liquid-filled containers that convinced the Fire Department to send a hazmat crew. Unknown chemicals appeared to be stored in the containers. The hazmat unit is trying to determine what that liquid is.

The property owner offered authorities access to the building. However, by the time the hazmat crew showed up some containers had already been removed from the property. Several bulk containers that were seen in the code enforcement unit’s photos were no longer there, officials said. The crew did find less than 10 smaller containers, all sized 55 gallons or less, officials said.

Credit to Bay City News for bringing this story to light. The newswire pointed out the site, deemed a commercial office building by the county assessor, is near the Richmond Greenway, a pedestrian and bicycle path.

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