Last BART train car with carpeted flooring removed from service in June

Last BART train car with carpet flooring removed from service in June

If you haven’t heard or noticed, the carpets used on BART trains for 40-plus years are no longer around, with the last carpeted train being pulled from service in June (pictured above), the transit agency announced Monday.

Since 2008, BART has been working to replace the flooring in all of its fleet of 669 rail cars.

These days, riders are stepping upon two types of newer surfaces: a spray-on hard rubber type surface that was employed at the onset. BART later switched to rolled-out vinyl.

The transit agency had this to say about it’s carpet flooring.

“Let us be the first to say, good riddance.”

We’re guessing most riders agree.

For more information, read BART’s full statement.

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