Vacaville cops bust Richmond teen in stolen car containing painted pellet gun

Richmond teen busted in stolen car Vacaville containing painted pellet gun

A Richmond teenager was arrested in Vacaville Friday night while driving a stolen car that contained an Airsoft pistol (pictured above) that had been altered to look real, according to police.

The teen, who was not identified because of her age, had no driver’s license, and she reportedly took the car without the owner’s permission, according to Vacaville officers, who pulled the vehicle over for a traffic violation.

She had four underage passengers in the car, and the Airsoft pistol was found under a passenger seat, police said. The pistol was painted to look like a real firearm, and its orange tip was removed.

The teenage driver was arrested and the pistol seized.

Officers said they admonished the teens for putting all parties at risk of “extremely tragic consequences.”