Jul 1, 2015
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A Richmond resident is seeking help finding her lost dog (pictured above) named Paloma.

Patricia Ponce, who lives on Manchester Avenue near Trenton Boulevard, said her family pooch went missing Sunday.

“We saw her last in our back yard about 2 p.m.,” Ponce said. “We love her and are desperate to find her.”

If anyone in the community has seen Paloma or knows of the dog’s whereabouts, please contact us at newstips@richmondstandard.com.


  1. I hope this family finds their pet. I have great sympathy for them.

    But I want to also alert people to a new scam: in East Richmond, many houses have been burglarized recently. The burglers enter peoples back yards on the pretense that they’re looking for a small dog.
    We came home one day, and a guy was standing in our side yard. When we asked what he was doing, he said he was looking for his dog. Then another guy came out from our back yard. We told them to leave, and they continued down the street, poking around other houses.
    But when we checked our back yard, it was clear that they had been trying to break in. We had caught them in the act. They left behind a bag of tools and our back door was half pried open.
    We called the police and were told this is a common way thieves work. Especially during the day when they know people won’t be home. One guy will stand watch while the other guy breaks in. They even sometimes bring a small dog to make their story seem credible.
    Our home was robbed and ransacked twice…and they were brazen enough to come back again in daylight.
    Be aware of this scam. Be careful. And call the police if anything seems off.

    Marcie | Jul 1st, 2015

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