Jul 14, 2015

A man was killed and a 17-year-old critically injured after shots rang out at the Monterey Pines Apartments complex in Richmond about 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

Then just over an hour later, three more people were suffered bullet wounds to the legs in a shooting at Pullman Point Apartments at Pullman Avenue and Carlson Boulevard.

In the first shooting, police received calls of shots fired in parking lot F of the Monterey Pines complex, located in the 600 block of Berk Avenue, Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said.

Responding officers found the adult male on the ground and attempted to revive him. He was subsequently transported to Kaiser Hospital, where he died, Abetkov said. A second victim of that shooting, age 17, was found after people attempting to drive him to the hospital flagged down a police officer. He was shot in the lower extremities and airlifted to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where he was listed in critical condition, Abetkov said. Identities of the victims have not been released.

In the second shooting at the Pullman Point townhouses, police did not find victims at the scene, but rather they showed up at Kaiser with their injuries, Abetkov said. No further information was available about the incident.

No arrests have been made in either shooting and the motives remain unknown. Officers were at the scenes attempting to interview witnesses, Abetkov said.



  1. I was at the scene when the 17 year old was receiving CPR and have the recording and am praying the young man makes it

    anonymous | Jul 14th, 2015
  2. Monteray Pines is a death trap for our youth. Management AND the Police are doing nothing to take care of this problem. One thing that can be done is to close off Berk Avenue, the escape route of the shooters! Do something to help save our youths and stop all the shootings.

    Paula | Jul 14th, 2015
  3. Rip Tino!!!

    K. T | Jul 15th, 2015
  4. it time for change and the police scared they self all the ones that have no to do with nothing is where my concern is . it keeps going on generation after generation it never

    my hood | Jul 18th, 2015
  5. Why don’t they get cameras around the area so they can get these cowards who spread cancer in the community! Police have to do something different, act like this is the suburbs…What would you do if that was the case?

    SpiritJ | Aug 12th, 2015

    Anonymous | Sep 4th, 2015
  7. They need cameras just like crescent park….but they all need too work not just some of them all of them. And better security, because if you have scary ones why have them….Richmond police please stop the violence. Theses kids needs to live they’re life. Damn

    Paula Tutson | Oct 21st, 2015
  8. Every generation faces similar problems; we have the power to decide how we handle them. We faced a time period of change and peace but we must remember what led us to those changes. We know some of those changes came from our police force, but as a community with mothers, fathers and grandparents we had to step up as well. I recall a time as an educator gangs from every side were a problem in each of our schools. At one point the most dreaded were South East Asians but their adult community pulled together to address problems directly. Parents worked in tandem. Today when I hear on the backside (student gossip after the fact) the chain of events that has led to violence presently occurring it’s not gangs but individual arguments, disagreements and people are making life and death decisions over variety of random personal slights. So it brings me back to mom, dad, and grandparents.
    If your young are students at a school, join the PTA, take school district paid for parenting workshops with other parents. Not because you or your children are bad parents but our kids need to see adults care. When my children were young, I was a fixture at their schools not just to support their academic needs but I volunteered in classes they weren’t in, I raised money for all students to have experiences that would help them to grow into stronger adults. I could look at the other youth on campus and they would correct their behavior because and adult from their neighborhood was on campus helping to bring the school a program, field trip or helping the teacher with a project.
    For parents who are struggling, particularly single parents again partnership with the schools because at every level there are programs that will help your son/daughter to learn how to seek excellence over the chaos that lead to violence. A caring adult is not someone who condemns, while point fingers but makes an effort to be a change agent. So this week black youth are at the center chaos but youthful indiscretions do not come with color prerequisite.
    Too often parents think that once their child has left elementary school they are not needed in the school process, but they are. The schools have trained and retrained teachers in a variety of interventions to deal with wrong behavior patterns but the source for making a clean change from young adults and teens acting on this behavior comes from parents being a part of the picture. (Yes, take the mindful, restorative justice training, and I dream of shared lesson in proactive discipline ) they each focus on young people learning how to restrain themselves from making bad decisions in the first place. They ALL work BEST when mom, dad, grandparents join the process. Some parents when they start to line up each youthful tragedy point to the schools and say it’s because there’s no GOD in the school.
    We each bring our faith or beliefs in the schools by taking our children to places of worship or trainings but we have to then reminding them of that we have behavior expectations at school are critical and important. As a teacher because there are SO many different religions and different forms of Christianity for instances, rules are set in stone about teaching specific faith, but no one is harming any child for believing in their doctrine of faith. Different grade levels of social studies teachers are required to teach facts and data about cultures and their relationship to religious practices but that has nothing to do with spending an hour and half each day on thou shalt not steal,(with the exception of when we assign them related social topics in their English literature classes. MAMA, DADDY, and GRANDPARENTS pass your faith lessons on at home and then visit the schools as volunteers, as PTA members. It will help to reinforce that you expect them to behave appropriately at school as well. Participate in programs on campus and visit randomly to not only check to see if your child and their friends are wearing the clothes they left home in, but show them there is a community partnership. Did they bring the textbook to class or just the cell phone? Are they sneak out in class instead of doing the work? Check their grades daily on your cell phone to see if they are arriving on time to their classes throughout the day or cutting in the afternoon. And if you are parents of Kennedy high students, think about joining us on January 22, 2016 the whole day for our college, career and changing our community fair. Help us to show each young person how to succeed. Let’s stop the grief, put on the whole armor, work together and be thankful the behavior of our young adults and youth is NOT what we want it to be, it’s better than it used to be and we CAN work together to improve these changes. If you have questions about Kennedy’s career day contact me at jpmyrick@aol.com.

    Jamie Myrick | Jan 6th, 2016
  9. My daughter in law was murdered after being displaced from the easter hill housing authority apartment complex. Its just a disgrace how states have failed us in addressing our safe housing needs. They have done a very poor job of protecting housing participants and their families. They should return the housing programs over to the veterans administration. Where most of the housing assistance originated after the WWII disaster returning service members and their families had no decent housing and section 8 was given to the Caucasian while everyone else had to live in substandard conditions. They have millions of dollar that is awarded to veterans and their families yet the states have managed to turn our housing programs into an revolving door of violence crime and fraud. Threats of evictions have placed participants in dangerous conditions while law enforcement and the states benefit from the crime and corruption.

    A Brokaw | Feb 29th, 2016
  10. If so many are dissatisfied with how other’s are choosing to live their life,perhaps they need a lif of their own. It helps nothing to continue to oint the blame over why so many find time to voice their opinions concerning issues that other’s ar facing. Unless you are willing to actually do something to change the way society views the situations you are just as much apart of the problem by adding insult to injury. There were millions of children and families that suffered as a direct result of naysayers interfering in the personal private life’s of American’s. Knowing nothing about the real problem just their opinions of what they think should be done. Simply following a political agenda just so life is easy for oneself.

    A Brokaw | Feb 29th, 2016
  11. Dear God in Heaven!!! Protect the child with your blood. The blood of Jesus Christ at all times!! I’m willing & able to so what ever is asked of me ASAP!! Try’me!!💞☝🙏💯💯💯

    Shonna Foster | Apr 23rd, 2016
  12. First of all… Richmond ( my city) has too many public housing apartments in a small area! Cresent Park, Kennedy Manor, Deleverance temples 1 & 2, Richmond townhomes. They all traps for our youth, lack of growth, lack of financial opportunities , there’s a cap on what you can make and Do. No real opportunity to GET OUT! This breeds crime, death, sadness! The way out??? Give excellent paying jobs! Better opportunities to get cars regardless of credit, Tear down some of these public housing places and give people an opportunity to own a home!!!!

    Latchelle Robbins | May 28th, 2016
  13. Was someone here begging the cops to keep them safe?
    Now that’s a bit of irony that will not be noticed.
    Time to face facts.
    Their is nothing wrong here.
    It’s simply who you are.
    With the exception of government supplied in home fathers based on the White model of parenting and fatherhood I don’t see much hope for you people.
    light scrubbing, a little soap and warm water washes blood nicely from most surfaces. Try it.

    Whip Cracker | Aug 10th, 2016
  14. Omg! Seriously? “It’s simply ‘who you are’ and ‘you people’ ? What the hell? Omg! And you signed it ‘whip cracker’ ? I’m white and I find this racist ‘cracker’ so damn offensive. Take this ignorant 1800’s racist, rude, 100% inappropriate comment down please! Really it stayed her a whole year? UNBELIEVABLE!! This is 2016 and there are people still with this mentality? THAT, is what is wrong with the world. My Gid have mercy on your racist soul.

    Kathi | Sep 3rd, 2016

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