Newly released video offers good summary of plans for Richmond Greenway’s Unity Park

Video offers good summary of plans for Richmond Greenway's Unity Park

Last month, we gave you a heads up about an event on the Richmond Greenway that invited residents to see the first concept designs for Unity Park.

Now, we are pleased to share this just-released video from the event, courtesy of Lana Husser, that does a great job of summarizing improvements planned for the Greenway.

Unity Park will be built between 4th and 8th streets and Marina Way to 20th. In March 2012, the Friends of the Richmond Greenway (FORG) — a group of 17 nonprofit organizations and community groups with the mission of making the three-mile former railway corridor a safe public space — helped the city win a $5 million grant to build the park along sections of the vastly improving pedestrian/bicycle pathway.

“Once we get this park built, the transformation is going to be amazing,” Sherman Dean, a program manager at Urban Tilth, says in the video. “When you come out to see it, you’re not going to even recognize this area anymore.”

The design process has been a collaboration between FORG groups, the city, Vallier Design Associates and Restoration Design Group, officials said.

The Greenway, which was once abandoned railroad property, was officially adopted as a public park of the City of Richmond in 2011.