Contra Costa County supervisors accept lower pay raise

Contra Costa County supervisors accept lower pay raise

Members of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors will receive a 12-percent pay raise over three years in addition to the 7-percent cost-of-living increase that was approved in March, according to Bay City News.

Board members currently receive a base salary of $104,307, and the 12-percent increase will move that up to $116,840.

The pay hike is a far cry from the 33-percent increase that supervisors had attempted to give themselves last year before harsh criticism forced them to rescind their vote.

In response to that criticism, a five-member ad hoc committee was formed. It reached the 12-percent figure, in part, by comparing pay and benefits in other counties and factoring in county employee compensation.

On Tuesday, the board voted in favor of the decreased pay raise with an amendment to allow mileage reimbursement for travel beyond a supervisor’s district, according to Bay City News.

The committee also recommended that salaries be reviewed every three years, saying salaries of all county elected officials should be examined.

Go here to view the committee’s 17-page supervisor compensation report.