Help plan North Richmond revitalization projects by attending Love Your Block meeting

Residents can assist on North Richmond revitalization projects by attending Love Your Block meeting

Residents are encouraged to attend a special meeting in North Richmond on Tuesday night to discuss the Love Your Block initiative, a national program supplying mini-grants toward projects that significantly enhance quality of life in neighborhoods.

As we reported in February, Richmond was named as one of seven U.S. cities to win a three-year, $30,000 Love Your Block grant, as well as guidance from an expert on leveraging  volunteers, nonprofits and local businesses on projects that address blight.

The funds will be used toward revitalization projects in Parchester Village and North Richmond.

At 6 p.m. Tuesday, residents are invited to the Shields Reid Neighborhood Council at 1410 Kelsey St. to learn more about the initiative and how to get involved. Free dinner and other services will be offered.

Also, residents are encouraged to visit here and fill out a survey so that program officials get a better sense of where the community would like to see improvements.

For more information about Love Your Block in Richmond, call Guadalupe Morales (510) 620-6553 or Kiana Ward (510) 620-6552, or for information about the national program, visit its website here.

Love Your Block is a program by Cities of Service, a national non-profit founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Love Your Block is credited with clearing Pittsburgh’s streets of 34,927 pounds of litter and creating 256 green spaces. The city did so by leveraging about $559,160 in donations and organizing 4,865 volunteers. Meanwhile, Flint, Mich., revitalized 120 blocks between 2012 and last year by creating 173 green spaces, improving 400 blighted properties and removing 3.9 million pound of trash, brush and waste, according to the program.