Dispatch supervisor praised for coaching Richmond couple through birth


A veteran police dispatcher is being lauded for coaching a Richmond couple through the birth of their child last month.

The husband called 911 on June 28 saying his wife was going into labor at their home, police said. He spoke with Diane Hardin, the supervisor of the Richmond Police Department’s communications unit, who followed all the proper protocols with a  “calm, cool and collected voice,” police said.

She calmed the husband by asking pertinent questions about his wife, and at the same time dispatched an ambulance to the couple’s home. She then gave specific instructions to the husband in preparation for the birth. Hardin remained on the phone throughout the labor and birth, which occurred shortly before the arrival of the ambulance, police said.

All dispatchers go through a medical dispatch training program and refer to slip cards that offer instructions for various crisis situations, Richmond police Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said.

“This was a clear example of the excellent work our communications dispatchers do, and with this event, it was nothing shy of the work of a hero,” the department said about Hardin on its Facebook page.

Dispatchers work tirelessly and have crucial jobs that carry “little to no appreciation,” the department added.