Legendary Richmond artist Erase-E releases new album; collaborates on San Jose Sabercats anthem

Legendary Richmond artist Erase-E builds upon industry success with new album, anthem for San Jose Sabercats

Two decades since working on the legendary West Coast Bad Boyz compilation with Master P, veteran Richmond rapper Erase-E has not slowed down one bit, having recently released a new album and having also been commissioned by the San Jose Sabercats to work on a theme song.

And these latest projects are in the wake of receiving Richmond’s Hottest Legend Award last year at the West Coast Hip Hop Awards in Los Angeles, along with a recent feature on Snoop Dogg’s Underground Heat section on YouTube.

“I don’t know how you’re going to fit all of this into a story,” Erase-E told us.

“All of this” is why we’re writing a story in the first place. Erase-E continues to be influential since breaking onto the scene in 1994. His latest album, called ON “E!” acts like fresh music from a budding new artist. Of course, in one of the album’s tracks, “EludeE,” the artist quickly reminds fans over modern beats, “I ain’t never left.” The album is mainly produced by Erase-E’s longtime friend, McLaren F-1.

Erase-E first emerged on the hip hop scene years ago with his first independent album “Strictly 4 Tha G’z.” Three months later, he ran into Master P at his distribution company SMG (Solar Music Group). Master P was in the middle of a studio session, recording the last song for a compilation, and asked Erase-E to lend multiple bars to finish the piece. The project, West Coast Bad Boyz “Anotha Level” would be one of the time’s more legendary and better selling Bay Area compilation, selling more than 500,000 copies.

After that, Erase-E blossomed into a bonafide artist. Over the years his work has been twice featured in Source magazine, and he is responsible for numerous compilation and solo albums and tracks.

Through it all, he has made time over the years to collaborate with a childhood friend and East Palo Alto teacher Stephen Ashford (known by his performance name Kontac) on positive tracks aimed at promoting nonviolence, education and healthy lifestyles to youth. He was featured along with other Bay Area artists on the song and video, “Stay In School;” helped on the Obama Family Fitness song “Let’s Go,” promoting healthier, active lifestyles for youth; and also worked on “Peace On The Streets” featuring the Bay Area All Stars.

More recently,  Erase-E, Kontac and other Bay Area artists have recorded a theme song for the arena football San Jose Sabercats. The artists will be performing the song during half time of one of their home games this season.

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