Slight chance Marina Bay Parkway will reopen July 2; more likely to reopen closer to August

'Slight' chance Marina Bay Parkway will reopen July 2; more likely to reopen closer to August

There is a slight chance that Marina Bay Parkway between Meeker Avenue and Regatta Boulevard will reopen as soon as July 2, but it is more likely to reopen closer to August, a city official confirmed Thursday.

The parkway was closed Sept. 3, 2013 due to construction of the Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass, which will allow traffic to flow under existing railroad tracks, thus preventing delays from passing trains.

The project, which was initially expected to be completed in 18 months, was at one point delayed because AT&T was slow to relocate utility lines, the city said. The delay further frustrated several Marina Bay businesses, who last year reported a loss of customers as a result of the road closure.

A reopening of the roadway is now expected to occur either in early or late July, according to a project update from City Manager Bill Lindsay’s newsletter.

One lane will reopen in either direction as work continues on the underpass.

“After an evaluation of roadway pavement design, means and methods (including concrete mix designs, placement equipment and sequencing, and finishing methods) it appears that there is a slight chance that the roadway could be reopened by July 2, however, this would require a complex set of circumstances be executed perfectly, without any unanticipated problems,” officials said.

The underpass is being named in honor of Officer Bradley A. Moody, who was killed in 2008 after crashing his patrol car while responding to a call.

Last month, Moody’s wife and children visited the site in order to imprint their hands in the sidewalk, project officials said.