Rookie Richmond firefighter appears on ‘Right This Minute’ after battling three blazes in as many days

Richmond rookie firefighter interviewed on 'Today' show after battling three blazes in as many days

We’ve reported before about the impressive feats by rookie Richmond firefighter Jessica Wraa, who earlier this month helped battle three fires in as many days.

Wraa’s early successes were made public after fellow firefighter Capt. Mark Lucero filmed one of the blazes on his helmet-cam and posted it on YouTube. Apparently folks at Right This Minute, the website covering viral videos, noticed.

They not only shared the video but also interviewed Wraa, asking her what it is like to run into a burning building as a rookie.

“We have a certain level of training and expectations that we live up to,” Wraa said. “For me, of course being new, of course I’m very excited…I see a fire, I get really excited. I want to go in there.”

The relentless repetition firefighters go through during the four-month-long training helps prepare them for action, Wraa added.

“You are trained to not have to think about what you are doing,” she said. “You just go in and get the job done to the best of your abilities.”

Wraa’s from a family of first responders. Her mother was a police officer and her father and stepmother were firefighters, she said.