Car sharing arrives at Atchison Village thanks to grant

Car sharing arrives at Atchison Village thanks to grant

Residents of Atchison Village, a 450-apartment housing cooperative, now have access to car sharing as part of a new program in Richmond that city officials intend to expand.

Late last year, the nonprofit City CarShare was awarded a $1 million grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to expand car sharing services into underserved East Bay communities including Richmond, El Cerrito and Oakland.

Of the grant, Richmond received $140,000, of which $100,000 went toward implementing two car share vehicles available only to Atchison Village residents. Another $40,000 went to adding car sharing service at City Hall that is available only for city employees.

The Richmond Car Sharing program intends to expand so that vehicles will be more broadly available to all residents, said Lori Reese-Brown, project manager in the City Manager’s Office. There are proposals, “not written in stone,” to locate car sharing in the Point Richmond, Marina Bay and Hilltop areas and to add vehicles at City Hall that are available to residents, Reese-Brown said.

City CarShare, which serves nearly 16,000 Bay Area residents, wants to boost car sharing throughout the region in order to reduce car ownership and usage, thus easing traffic congestion and air pollution.

For more information on the Richmond Car Share program, call (510) 620-6869.