Authorities pull possibly suicidal woman from ledge of freeway overpass in Richmond


Authorities used a distraction maneuver in order to pull a possibly suicidal woman from the ledge of a freeway overpass in Richmond.

The incident unfolded Thursday night on Interstate Highway 580 between Canal Boulevard and Richmond Parkway (a daytime image of the freeway ledge is above), police said.

Richmond officers were asked to assist the California Highway Patrol following numerous calls about a woman who appeared to want to jump off the freeway overpass. When Richmond cops arrived, the woman had her feet dangling over the edge of the elevated freeway over a set of tracks, police said.

Feeling the need to act quickly, officers pulled off a distraction move. While a CHP officer distracted the woman, the RPD officer moved in to pull her from the ledge. She was taken back to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Richmond police are commending its officers and CHP for the swift maneuver that potentially saved the woman’s life.

“Many of our officers have attended the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training that focuses on how to better communicate and engage with the mentally ill population,” police said.

Anyone in crisis or anyone who knows someone in crisis and needs advice should call this 24 hour crisis line for professional assistance: 1-800-833-2900.