Dirty bomb drill in Richmond alarms conspiracy theorists, including Alex Jones


Two stories that appeared in the Richmond Standard about a dirty bomb training exercise involving the U.S. National Guard in Richmond have unnerved conspiracy theorists who believe a real attack is imminent, including nationally-known radio show host Alex Jones of Info Wars (pictured above).

In the video below, a segment from Jones’ radio program and news site suggests that the large dirty bomb drill in Richmond may have been a response to thefts of uranium in Mexico.

“The latest wave of fevery of potential dirty bomb materials arrives on the heels of recent dirty bomb drills in the United States,” Info Wars reported. A Richmond Standard story was among those screen-grabbed to make the point.

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Jones then adds, “Once the trance is lifted and the sleeping giant is starting to wake up….people have a very fast learning curve. Once they’ve broken the mind control.”

Our stories also received dozens of comments from conspiracy theorists, who also took to social media to warn of the drill.

The training exercise occurred on April 11 and involved more than 100 soldiers and airmen belonging to the California National Guard’s 49th Military Police Brigade, based in Fairfield. They took part in a daylong exercise along with local law enforcement and fire personnel.