Apr 30, 2015
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A security guard at the Richmond Target was punched and threatened to be shot Wednesday morning while chasing down one of three suspects who fled the store with a television, but Richmond police later arrested the thieves in North Richmond after recognizing them on surveillance footage, police said.

The robbery occurred at about 10:35 a.m. when two suspects went into the Target to steal the TV while the third suspect parked a getaway car in front of the store, Richmond police Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said. After leaving the store without paying for the TV, a Target security guard ran after the suspect.

“Once outside, the suspect held the TV with one hand and with the other hand, punched the security guard in the face,” police said.

As the suspect fled to the getaway car, he yelled for the second suspect to shoot the security guard, police said. The second suspect got out of the getaway car with a gun, but the security guard retreated to safety.

Although the suspects successfully fled in the car, they would not have freedom for long.

After browsing through surveillance videos provided by Target, one of Richmond’s officers knew one of the suspects, even his gang name, while another knew the getaway car and where it frequented, police said.

Detectives were called out to help capture the suspected gang members who had just pulled a robbery. Two suspects, whose identities were not immediately available, were detained after a brief pursuit and were later positively identified by witnesses at Target, police said.

“It was really good police work,” Abetkov said.


  1. Our police force is awesome . The fact for them to know the guys & car is amazing ! BRAVO !

    Renate Siman | May 12th, 2015

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