Apr 19, 2015
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Richmond’s unemployment dipped to a 14-year low at 5.8-percent at the end of March, Mayor Tom Butt reported in his e-forum.

About 50,000 of Richmond’s labor force of 53,100 workers are employed, Butt said, citing figures from the state Employment Development Department.

The previous low in Richmond was 5-percent in 2000, the mayor added. In Contra Costa County, the unemployment rate at the end of March was 5-percent. In California, it was 7.1-percent and U.S.-wide it was 5.6-percent.

The job gains in Richmond mimic the continual growth Bay Area-wide, which is “definitely tech driven,” a vice president with the Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute told the Bay Area News Group.


  1. Our companies have developed in Richmond for 30 years. Thirty years ago Richmond was viewed as a bedroom community and to a great extent it remains just that. The water transit authority ( WTA ) still views Richmond as a feeder to the San Francisco job market.

    Gus Kramer from the Office of Assessor of. Contra Costa told the small business association consultant ” That the jobs Richmond residents primarily found were outside the city , and the reported 5,000 jobs didn’t result in new building being constructed . ”

    We built the only ” new “class A office space for a high tech company , quick response services some 15 years ago.

    We will recognize the Richmond renaissance when new commercial buildings are being built . Fundamentally rents have to rise to support new construction . It’s duly noted in the warehouse sector and light manufacturing sector , new construction will begin in Richmond soon due to the low vacancy rates of under 4% . The job creation reported to us will be around 1,000 jobs in the next 3 to 5 years. The Chevron project will create an additional 1,200 construction jobs.

    Richmond benefits by the development in Emeryville and Oakland . The education sector in Richmond will create jobs with the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay (BGCRB) .
    Richmond has the opportunity to become the new educational hub .

    Richard Poe | Apr 19th, 2015

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