Apr 10, 2015
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Assemblymember Tony Thurmond, D-Richmond, joined four other California lawmakers on Wednesday in announcing a collective legislative effort to curb tobacco use in the state.

The five lawmakers are each pushing their own legislation, with Thurmond’s bill, AB 768, aiming to prohibit all tobacco products, including smoking and chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes, at baseball venues in California.

The legislation by the other four lawmakers would hike the price for a pack of cigarettes by $2 to raise funds for anti-smoking initiatives (SB 591); raise the smoking age in the state from 18 to 21 (SB 151); restrict e-cigs in workplaces, restaurants and other public places (SB 140); and pump tobacco tax revenues into the Med-Cal program (AB 1396)

For more information on the above legislation, and the lawmakers behind them, read this press release from Save Lives California, a coalition of cancer, heart and lung associations along with medical practitioners.

Here’s the YouTube video from Wednesday’s press conference:


  1. This seems a little ridiculous juxtaposed to legalizing a bunch of marijuana shops. Smoking weed or smoking cigs, either way you get tar in your lungs and risk cancer, emphysema, heart disease, etc. etc. Smoking ANYTHING should be discouraged!

    Disinterested Bystander | Apr 11th, 2015

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