Before-and-after images of Bay Trail construction in Point Richmond


A project in Point Richmond to construct bicycle and pedestrian improvements along a stretch of the San Francisco Bay Trail is coming along.

We snapped a photo Tuesday (see image above) of the widened and landscaped sidewalk near the Ferry Point tunnel.

Here’s what that sidewalk looked like prior to construction, when it was narrower, had no safety bulbout or landscaping to separate the sidewalk from the roadway:

Popular Point Richmond strip set for major bike and ped improvementsThe project is a segment of the 500-mile San Francisco Bay Trail and involves widening the sidewalk along the Richmond Plunge between E. Richmond Avenue and the Ferry Point tunnel to provide an off-road Class 1 trail for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Most of the work has already been completed, said Michael Williams, project manager for the city. In early May, crews will add low-key directional signs and final street striping (parking spaces, lane indicators, etc.). A monument sign with an area map and “you are here” indicator will also be erected next to the flagpole, Williams said.

Parking is largely expected to remain the same following the work.

Read here for more information about the project, including how it was funded.