Mayor Butt calls Richmond’s logo ‘incredibly ugly’

Mayor Butt calls Richmond's logo 'incredibly ugly'

Mayor Tom Butt is not a fan of the City of Richmond’s current logo, even after reading council meeting minutes from 1977 to learn what it’s supposed to represent.

Mayor Butt told San Francisco Chronicle columnist Chip Johnson, “I hate the logo, and think it’s incredibly ugly,” adding, “Some people think it’s a bird.”

The city clerk dug up meeting minutes from June 20, 1977, when the logo letterhead designs were unanimously adopted. The mayor published parts of those minutes on his e-forum.

The logo was intended to use color and form to express the city’s maritime future, and here’s how:

1)    The form approximates the shape of the Pacific Ocean.

2)    The arrow shape indicates the thrust into the pacific of the port Development. The line used in the letterhead indicates rail support to the Port Activity.

3)    The point of the arrow approximates the shape of a sail boat, with a wake trailing behind.

4)    The blue symbolizes the maritime future of the City and the red brick the color of City Hall and new construction.

5)    The three shapes making up the basic form include a hill shape (Hilltop), a boat hull shape (The Harbour), and an “S” shape for the City’s regional service activities (Downtown).

Butt’s reaction to this list?

“Maybe it’s time for a new [logo].”

As we reported just a few days ago, the mayor has been raising private money for a marketing campaign to improve the city’s image.