Video! Richmond Mayor Tom Butt appears on KRON4 to discuss campaign to improve Richmond’s image

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Mayor Tom Butt presents awards at the Mayor's Day of Service on April 7.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt appeared on KRON4 Monday to discuss his campaign to improve Richmond’s image.

The first-time mayor has set a goal of raising $100,000 from local businesses to create a marketing plan. He wants outsiders to no longer view Richmond as a dangerous city but rather a place to raise families and do business.

The mayor says he has so far raised $60,000, mostly from developers and Chevron.

Butt believes recent steep declines in crime and a rising number of jobs will help turn around Richmond’s image.

“The perception of Richmond Bay Area-wide lags far behind the reality,” Butt said on KRON4. “Like the rest of the Bay Area, Richmond’s unemployment rate has plummeted [It was 6.1-percent in February], lot of new businesses have come into town. There have been over 6,000 jobs created there in the last three or four years. And that’s good news.”

In addition, the crime rate last year was the lowest “since anybody’s been keeping records,” Butt said, and the homicide total was the lowest since 1971.

“It’s become much safer and cleaner,” Butt said.

Previous attempts to launch image re-branding plans for the city have been “bogged down in politics,” so Butt has kept this initiative within the mayor’s office, using private funds.

“We are going to approach this in two phases,” Butt said in his e-forum Monday night. “The first phase is ‘Education, Research and Insights’ and will cost $54,000.”

Butt added, “If you or your company would like to contribute, please send a check marked for ‘Mayor’s Branding and Marketing Study’ to the Richmond Main Street Initiative, Inc., a 501(c)3 serving as fiscal agent.”

Contributions should be sent to:

Richmond Main Street Initiative, Inc.
1015 Nevin Avenue, Suite 105, Richmond, CA 94801
Phone: (510) 236-4049  |  Fax: (510) 236-4052
Email: Amanda Elliott