Welcome to the new Richmond Standard

Welcome to the new Richmond Standard

We are excited to unveil our newly updated website for The Richmond Standard.

With a refreshed look and feel, our readers will have an easier time staying on top of what’s happening in Richmond and surrounding communities.

The Richmond Standard launched at the start of 2014 as a pioneering experiment to bring hyper-local news directly to the community. The site, fully funded by the Chevron Richmond Refinery, is a free community news service providing important information on a daily basis, including breaking news, community announcements, upcoming events, and coverage from City Hall. We are proud to fill a 30-year vacuum of daily news in Richmond that provides positive news and a more accurate reflection of this great community.

The website has been a hit with local residents. In the past year, more than half a million visitors found their way to this site, with as many as 90,000 unique visits in a month. On average, we reach between 50,000- 60,000 unique visitors monthly and are continuing to grow.

We have community members to thank for our growing readership. While we are lucky to tell compelling stories on a daily basis, this fascinating and diverse community deserves the bylines. According to many of our readers, one of The Richmond Standard’s best attributes is that it offers residents and groups a place to share community information with their neighbors at no cost. In the past year, we have published hundreds of stories and announcements at the request of community members, everything from lost pets to upcoming fundraisers for local organizations.

If you have an announcement, wish to provide input or want to recognize locals or groups who are doing notable things in the community, please email us newstips@richmondstandard.com.

Also, shoot us an email with feedback about our coverage, and what you’d like to see covered more. We take great pride in saying The Richmond Standard is a community-driven news source.

We vow to keep up the hard work. Check out the new (and improved) website, RichmondStandard.com. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for daily updates.

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